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Alan Jaques BEng (Hons), MIPTA

Alan graduated from Sheffield Hallam University in the UK with a Bachelors Honours Degree in Computer Aided Engineering and Design. After graduating he began his career working for Rolls-Royce Aerospace where he focussed on failure diagnosis and redesign of components for large civil jet engines. 

After emigrating to Australia 2008 he gained further experience in aerospace and composites production, before moving to Perth where he worked for four years in the resources sector, as a mechanical and project engineer for an EPCM designing mineral processing plants.

An inventor at heart, Alan's interest in technology and new developments led him to apply for a Technical Assistant position at Lord and Company, where he has completed a Master's degree in Intellectual Property to become a registered Trans-Tasman Patent and Trade Mark Attorney. His technical background and significant experience makes him well placed to assist clients particularly in the mechanical engineering sector.

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