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Ian Anderson BSc (Mech Eng)

Ian has a Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical) from the Queensland University of Technology minoring in Motorsport.  Following the completion of his bachelor degree Ian worked as an engineer at a Brisbane based HVAC contractor specialising in commercial/industrial building projects. 

He then undertook a Masters of Applied Law at the Queensland University of Technology looking to study facets of the law applicable to engineering (contract law, mediation, cyber law, and more). During this course he also undertook study regarding intellectual property and wrote a dissertation regarding the patent law implications of 3D printing replacement components.

This led him to pursue a career as a Patent and Trade Mark Attorney and, to that purpose, he is currently undertaking a Masters of Intellectual Property at the University of Melbourne.

Ian has been working at Lord and Company since August 2017 as a technical assistant. He continues to use his extensive scientific knowledge and IP experience to advise clients on a range of intellectual property matters.

You can contact Ian now on