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Sarah Cox BSc (Biomedical) MIP

Sarah attended the University of Western Australia where she attained a Bachelor of Science (Biomedical Science). After graduating she worked at a local biotechnology company; specifically dealing with genotyping, cloning and sequencing DNA and PCR and hybridisation techniques.

Sarah's experience also involved time at the pharmaceutical company, Pfizer, as part of the Microbiology team. Her role involved the QC testing of raw materials and finished products to ensure that standards of microbial levels were met. During this time she developed expertise in the pyrogen testing of Pfizer's sterile products.

An interest in intellectual property led Sarah to join the team at Lord and Company as a Technical Assistant. She has since completed her Master's degree in Intellectual Property Law and has gained registration as a Patent & Trade Marks Attorney. She continues to use her extensive scientific knowledge and IP experience to advise clients on a range of intellectual property matters.